Installing Kodi on FireTV

Best way to stream TV shows and Movies without downloading them is through and application called Kodi. This is a brief walk-through of how to set it up on the AmazonFire TV device.

ThraxNews is not responsible for anything you do that is illegal by reading this tutorial and using the application Kodi it is for educational purposes only and ThraxNews will not be held liable.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide on how to install Kodi on AmazonFire TV

amazon firekodi logo

Download Kodi for AmazonFire TV  In order to download Kodi for the AmazonFire TV head on over to the Kodi Downloads page and download the latest stable apk file for Android ARM. It is the section highlighted in red below. The link you click is the one that says ARM.


Enable Debugging on AmazonFire TV This is the first thing you need to do before you proceed to the next step. This allows you to make modifications to the AmazonFire TV software. (Which in return allows you to install Kodi) in order to get to this setting on the Fire TV follow this selection on your device.

Settings >> Developer Options >> Turn ADB Debugging to On


Find AmazonFire TV IP address In order to find the IP address of the Fire TV device follow this selection on your device.

Settings >> About >> Network

Note down your IP Address as you can see the IP Address for mine is keep in mind yours will not me the same as mine so be sure to jot yours down. The red arrow on the screen shot below will show you were it is located.


Download the AmazonFire TV side-loading tool kit there are two different types of utilities for side-loading applications I am only going to cover the one as its my personal favorite and it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. AdbFire is the name of the tool you can download it from the Jocala Downloads Page . Once you have downloaded the tool for your system. Extract the compressed file to your directory of choice.

Create a profile for AmazonFire TV on AdbFire Application if this is your first time ever opening this application then your device list should be empty. All you have to do is click on NEW and create your profile ( Do not change anything in the profile except for these 4 items). They are numbered in red below and a description of each below the image.


  • Description >> You can edit to (Amazon Fire Tv – Living Room – Family Room – Bed Room – etc.)
  • Address >> This needs to be changed to the IP Address you got from your FireTV device
  • Pull Folder >> You can leave it as default as it is not used very much or you can change it to your directory of choice (All this does is if you decide to pull stuff from your Fire TV device is tell the computer which directory to store the information in).
  • Save >> Make sure you hit save before you proceed to next step

Connect to the AmazonFire TV from the AdbFire Application to connect to the Fire TV device in the current device drop down menu select the profile you just created. Then Simply hit the button that says Connect. In the Connected Device menu you should see your IP Address appear for your device.


Kodi Installation through AdbFire Application to install Kodi simply click Install apk. From there simply navigate to the Kodi Android ARM apk file we downloaded earlier and select it. There should be a progress bar and after it completes you should receive an alert stating that it is installed like below.

installation kodi

Launch Kodi from your AmazonFire TV device Now that you have installed Kodi on your device simply hold down the Select and Play button for 5 seconds to reboot the Fire TV device. Side-loaded applications can only be accessed one way so follow this selection and I will show you how to add a short cut to it later to be accessed from home screen.

Settings >> Applications >> Manage All Installed Applications

Scroll down and select Kodi and select Launch Application

all applications

Coming Soon to TechBingeNews

  • How to Stream TV and Movies Through Kodi
  • How to Make Shortcut for Side-loaded applications on AmazonFire TV
  • How to Stream Live Sporting Events through Kodi

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